6 Awesome engagement party venues in Melbourne

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We all know that Melbourne folk love to party, so they are always on the lookout for that very special and unique party venue. When it’s time to book the venue for your engagement party however, don’t waste time searching, just head straight to one of these six awesome venues! 1.    Williamstown Charters There’s nothing

Best Hens Night Ideas for the Melbourne Ladies

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Celebrating your hens night should be one of the most memorable occasions of your life. Okay, so the marriage might be a bit more sentimental but in terms of parties, your hens should go off! If you've received the honour of being maid of honour or just a good friend asked to help out, here

Spring Sport Deserves Boat Cruise Transport

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Melbourne is looking forward to leaving the cold Winter weather behind and enjoying a Spring full of new beginnings and promise! One of the best things about this time of the year in Melbourne (besides the warming weather) is the multitude of sporting events that our great city holds! All September you can enjoy the

Best Theme Parties Ideas For Your Next Function

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So you're organising a party but don't want it to be a plain old function. How do you make it more exciting for everyone? Well you could look at supplying crack cocaine to all the guests. But that can get a little expensive...especially for larger gatherings. The other (more cost effective AND legal) option is

Bucks Party Ideas To Help The Best Man

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A wedding is one of the biggest events in someones life. But for friends of the groom, a bucks party is usually an even bigger celebration. In face, it is often organised for the purpose of entertaining the other men, rather than the future groom himself. A lot the attendees will already be married, and