We were going to write an article on the best hens night ideas but it’s pretty obvious our number 1 idea would be a party boat cruise through Melbourne’s beautiful waterways! So instead, we are proud to present our list of the 8 best hens night games.

Thinking of enough fun activities to play throughout the party can be tricky, so we have taking the hard work out of “thinking” and give you our favourite 8 games.

1. Celebrity Head

A classic game made popular on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Ideal for smaller groups and doesn’t cost anything to setup. Everyone writes down the name of a celebrity on a piece of paper which all get placed in a container. Each person chooses one and (without looking) sticks it on their forehead. Then you go round the group and each girl asks a question, like “am i a football player”. If the answer is yes, they go again. If it’s no, the next girl asks a question.

2. Test The Bride

This one is just for the bride-to-be but is still lots of fun for everyone. Prior to the hens night, the maid of honour organises a list of questions about the groom, and then finds out the answers from the groom. Then on the day of the party, the bride is grilled. See just how much she knows about her future hubbie, and make her drink for each one she gets wrong. Questions could include “what physical feature of yours first attracted him to you?” or “what was the first movie you saw together”.

3. Pin the penis

Much like Pin The Tail on the Donkey, a picture is placed on the wall…but not of a donkey but rather a naked man. Every girl gets a cut out penis and in turn, is blindfolded, spun around, and has to pin their penis where they think it should go. The closest to the nether regions wins. Always lots of laughs!

Note, if you’re playing this game on a hens night cruise make sure you do it below deck. We’d hate to see someone go overboard!

4. You’re marrying him?

This game works if you’re out at a public place with lots of random people around. Beforehand, print out the ugliest photo of the groom you can find, which the hen must carry at her celebration. A code word is thought up and anytime one of the hens party yells it out, the bride must go up to a stranger, show them the photo, and say “this is the guy i’m going to marry”. If she does it quickly and without smiling, the person who yelled the codeword must buy her a drink.

5. Balloon pop

This helps get everyone at the party involved, even the shyer guests. Think up a range of crazy or funny things that could be done at the party. This could include fitting as many biscuits you can in your mouth, doing an erotic dance, singing a popular song. Write all these things down on pieces of paper (enough for one each for the girls) and put them inside balloons, which you then blow up. Make sure you have any necessary equipment for the dares and bring it along. One by one, everyone gets a balloon and sits on it to pop it. They then must perform the task on their piece of paper.

6. Post it notes

Another easy and cheap game to play. Everyone writes down an interesting experience they’ve had with the hen. They are then put in a container and read out one by one. The hen has to guess who wrote the specific note. It’s a great way to reminisce about past stories, and you can even make it a drink punishment for any she doesn’t guess right!

7. The Name Game

Buy a white tshirt and write the word BRIDE on it in big black letters. Then every girl in the group needs to think of a guys name, and write it somewhere on the tshirt. Throughout the night, the bride has to find a guy whos name matches one on the tshirt. When she finds a match, the guy must also come up and sign his name on the tshirt. Any names that haven’t been crossed off at the end of the game result in a shot for the bride.

8. I Never

This is possibly the best game for getting everyone quite tipsy quite fast…especially the naughtier girls. Everyone sits in a circle and one by one, says something they have never done. Such as “I never had a 3some”. Anyone in the group who HAS must drink. Then the next person says something they’ve never done, and so on. You can go around the circle multiple times. It can be quite amusing finding out just what in fact some of your friends have gotten up to!

There are plenty of other hens night games but these are some that should really get your party going. If you’re coming on our party boat, you are more than welcome to play any of them!