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Things To Do In Williamstown

Williamstown was originally Melbourne's first sea port, surrounded on 3 sides by water, and located at the start of the Yarra River. Over the years, the quaint village in south-west Melbourne has turned into one of the most fashionable and popular suburbs.

Whether you're coming down for a boat cruise or just want to check out some local attractions, here are a list of things to do in Williamstown.

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Best Theme Parties Ideas For Your Next Function

So you're organising a party but don't want it to be a plain old function. How do you make it more exciting for everyone? Well you could look at supplying crack cocaine to all the guests. But that can get a little expensive...especially for larger gatherings. The other (more cost effective AND legal) option is to make it a theme party!

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Helpful Ideas To Prevent Sea Sickness

Being on a boat is usually fun and relaxing, so the last thing you want is to ruin the whole experience by feeling sea sick! Our party boats stay on flat calm water, cruising slowly down the Yarra River and out on the bay. But if you are extra susceptible to sea sickness or just want some useful tips to reduce your chances any other time you're out on the water, then here you go.

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Bucks Party Ideas To Help The Best Man

A wedding is one of the biggest events in someones life. But for friends of the groom, a bucks party is usually an even bigger celebration. In face, it is often organised for the purpose of entertaining the other men, rather than the future groom himself. A lot the attendees will already be married, and the bucks night is an excuse to go out and party with their mates and get drunk and crazy.

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6 Tips For Organising A Successful Party

Looking to plan a party in the near future? It can be a lot of work, so here are 6 tips to help you do it well.

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Book Your Xmas Party Now

Summer is finally here and it's not to late to book your christmas party with Williamstown Charters. Our boat is the perfect idea for a xmas function, and we still have some dates available in December!

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